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By corey sanchez from Spanish fork


is mail ordering of plants a good or bad idea? the only reason I am thinking of this route is mail order of large quantities of plants is cheap. Do you offer compareable pricing to mail order, say compared to Spring Hill Nurseries out of Ohio. compared to any other nursery in utah i can purchase $ 300.00 in plants from Ohio mail order, or pay $ 600.00 for the same plants here in utah, do you offer the same kind of competition, if you do i will never order through the mail again - is it safe to order through the mail for plants, pre-potted and grown ?


Most people that you talk to will say that mail ordering is a bad idea. The plants come in a lot smaller than what you will see in the nurseries, putting you behind a couple of years of growth. Many customers that we have talked to regret buying mail order unless there is a particular variety of plant they can get no other way.
Unfortunately we at the nursery can not compare prices. Like was stated above, the plants come in different sizes and are usually younger and not as well established as what you will find in a nursery.
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