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By Dianna from Riverton


Looking for a tree to plant on the west side of a back yard - that does NOT get huge and take lots of water. Perfer beautiful color in the fall, wondering how high a sunset maple gets.


The Red Sunset Maple will grow 40' tall, spreading 20'. And the Pacific Sunset Maple will grow 30' tall, spreading 20-25'. These trees may be larger than you desire. But they are great for shade, and have really pretty fall foilage.
The Amur Maple may be a better choice for you if you are looking for a small tree. The Amur will grow approximately 15' tall. This tree also has great fall color. Sumacs also have great fall color, stay around 15'. The Sumac does tend to spread, though, so it may not be good if you don't want that effect.
Some other trees that you may consider if you are looking for a tree 20' or under are: Flowering Plums, Globe Locust, Redbud, Rose of Sharon Tree, and Umbrella Catalpa. These trees may not be as bright in the fall, but some have flowers or things that make them interesting at other times of the year.
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