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By Gretel from Provo


Hi, I recently visited your store and purchased a 15 gal Ginkgo tree. How would you recommend safely removing it from the pot to plant? Also, what are your recommendations for proper planting, watering, fertilizing and tying/securing it? I also purchased a small golden delicious apple tree. Would the recommendations be different for this tree? Thank you!


When you dig the hole for the tree, you will want to dig it just as deep as the root ball is and the 2-3 times as wide. You want to loosen the soil around the roots, but try to to dig too deep or the tree can sink and cause problems later.

After you have the hole dub, place the tree on its side with the root close to the hole. Gently remove the pot from the plant (if the roots have gone through the holes in the pot, you may want to cut the bottom off the pot and then cut a slit up the side of the pot to remove it without harming the root ball). Gently roll the tree into the hole. Watering will depend on the season. A good deep watering is advised.

As for fertilizer we suggest that you use the Mike's product or a root stimulator when you plant the tree. Wait on the other types of fertilizers until next year.

Tie or secure the tree only if you see it needs it or you live in a windy area. If you do need to tie it, put two to three stakes in the ground and use a line to hold the tree. This allows the tree to move freely in the wind and the tree will get stronger. Try to remove the stake within the season.
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