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By osman galal aldeen from Sudan -khartoum


what is the effect of high light (without shade) on roses?
what is the effect of clay, sandy and salty soil on roses?
what is the effect of peat moss on roses?


Roses require quite a bit of sunlight. Most varieties can take full sunlight without any shade. If you read the tags it will mention what type of sunlight the rose needs. If the rose is a cool area type, avoid using it in full sun in our area because it tends to burn. Also, you are best buying the rose plant from a nursery because they tend to buy what will grow best in your area, and not what they can mass purchase.

A rose grows best in a well drained soil. In clay, you may need to add some mulch to help the water drain. In Sand, you need to watch the water a little closer, or again add some mulch to the soil to hold the water. Do not mix clay and sand. This tends to create a soil much like cement. Salty soils are not good for most roses and should be avoided.

Peat moss
Peat moss can be used but we do not recommend it. A mulch will give you better results and is easier to use the peat moss. We would suggest that you use the mulch.
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