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By Tami from Saratoga Springs


I want to plant a few trees along an east fence to block out the view. They would need to be tall, but narrow and be able to be planted as close to the fence as possible without damaging it or the neighbor behind. The strip of land to be planted is fairly narrow, so I want to minimize taking up too much space but still be able to block out the neighbors house some. I would like to plant 3-4 trees possibly and I am guessing the width is probably around 60ft to work with (length wise) and width from fence to patio is approximately 12-15 ft. What do you suggest?


With the dimensions that you discussed, your best fit would be the Poplar Tree. They will grow to be 60' and get up to 12' wide. They are very fast growing, and will fill the area in quickly. These trees can send runners (they are in the aspen family), so you will want to be sure to give them a deep water to keep the roots down low. The shallower the water the more chance you have for shoots coming up.

If you do not like Poplars, there are Columnar Oaks, Columnar Maples, Columnar Hornbeams, etc that will stay thin, but they do not grow as tall or as fast
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