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By Will from Provo


I'm looking for a good hardy shade tree, a replacement for a crimson king maple that has recently died from verticillium wilt. I'm looking for something that I can place where the other tree is currently located and is not overly susceptible to verticillium wilt. Also something that isn't going to cause root problems with my lawn. I'm considering oak and beach, and some maples. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks! -Will


Verticillium wilt is a disease that lives in your soil. It is best not to plant this new tree in the same exact spot. You can plant it close, but with the old roots from the tree that died, you are better moving it slightly to the side.

Most oaks, beeches and maples do not get the verticillium wilt. The maple trees are a medium fast growing and are pretty hardy. Your Oak and Beech trees are slower growing than your maples, but tend to be stronger trees. Beeches and Maples can be prone to aphids, though these little pests are very easy to control.

As long as you stay away from the fast growing maples (the ones in the Silver Maple family) you should not have problems with your lawn. Be sure to water the lawn deeply, because lawns tend to take most of the water and to keep the roots down low you need to get the water down to them.
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