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By Aaron Willis from Orem


I have lots of roma tomatoes planted and they are producing lots of fruit, however on many of the tomatoes, the bottoms turn brown and start rotting, even while the rest of the fruit is still growing. How can I combat this? Also some of my bell peppers get small brown spots on them as well.


If the bottoms of the fruit are turning brown, then you probably have what is known as blossom end rot. When you have fruit on the vine, there is a spray that you can apply to the fruit that will help with this problem. If you come into Cook's Greenhouse, we will be happy to show you this product.

If the brown spots are appearing on the sides or top of the fruit, you may be getting sunburn. This is especially common for peppers that get our hot afternoon sun and do not have enough foliage to cover the plant. The only thing that you can do is to find a way to shade the plants in the afternoon.
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