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By Suzy from Orem


I have a lot of large bushes we are trying to get rid of. The roots are extremely deep and would be very hard to remove. Any recommendations for cutting them off and killing them without having to dig everything up?


There are things that you can spray on the stems after you cut them to kill the root. This should keep the plant from sending runners from the roots.

The other thing to do is actually kill the plants with glycophate (Round-up or KillzAll) and then cut the plants to the ground. Be careful not to to get this on any other plants if you have other kinds in the area that you want to keep.

The roots will still be in the soil, and if you want to plant other plants you will fight them. So if you are planning to replant the area, you may want to go to the extra work of pulling as much of the root out as you can.
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