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By spencer from payson


I have a section of fence (vinyl) and i want to plant a variety of plants in front of it. It is about 25 ft x 3 ft in full sun. What type of shrubs or plants would look good all year round?


For this question, it would be better if you came into the store. We could show you some things that we feel would work and you could decide if you like the look. Also, please let us know what kinds of plants you are thinking of such as:are looking for plants that keep their leaves all year, such as the boxwood or the microphylla Euonymus; do you like the look of small pines such as the mugo pumillia or the nest spruce;do you want a shrub that will flower most of the summer such as the spiraea or the potentillaDo you want a variety of plants, or are you looking at trying to make a hedgeIf you have a specific question please feel free to respond back, but it would be easier if we could show you what some of these plants are and be able to talk to you in more depth of what you are looking for.
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