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By Michael from Lindon


I have a Satomi Kousa dogwood that has started to drop its leaves. It has been in the ground for 2+ years now. It has done very well until the last month. The leaves look green and the twigs are also green when scratched. There doesn't seem to be a problem with insects or a herbicide around the tree. It has started growing new leaves again. Any reasons why this could happen? I'm guessing it's the heat.


The tree is showing stress. Because of the heat and the fact that we are a drier than normal year, trees are having a harder time getting the nutrients that they need.

We are suggesting that people water their trees by hand as well as by the sprinklers. Be sure to let the tree get a deep water. Do this by turning the water on until you get a slow stream from the hose. Then let the water run at the base of the tree for approximately an hour. Do this every day to every other day until we start cooling off.
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