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By dorothy badger from orem


I think our trees need some iron, but how do we know how much to use? Our soil is VERY clay and sticky. We tilled in a lot of nutrimulch before we planted anything, but it still dries as hard as a rock (literally) and is very sticky when wet. I don't understand about acidic soil vs. alkaline, or which one is clay. Also, the iron that we have said that it is a soil acidifier. Will that work for the trees and my blue hydrangea bush (to be sure to get blue blooms)? It is from Cook's: Hi-Yield Iron Plus


or the iron it is best to read the label. That will tell you the correct amount to put around the trees and the shrub.
Clay soils are soils that have very fine particles whereas sand has larger particles. The acidity and the alkaline have more to do with where you live and the chemicals in the soil than if it is clay.
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