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By Vickie Palmer from South Orem


Our tree of lambert cherries is ripening nicely, if a bit early. I noticed some tiny flies on them last week--about the 15th or 16th. They have black stripes on their wings, are just a bit larger than a fruit fly and seem to have gold metallic bodies. Since they are so interested in the cherries I am assuming they are the adult of the cherry worm that infests our fruit each year. My question is: What is the gestation period of the eggs? Or How long to I have to get these cherries picked before the worms are evident? And would it have been possible to spray for the adult flies when the fruit is so ready to pick? Thank you in advance for your answers. Vickie


For next year:
Cherries need to be sprayed when the fruit starts getting a pink color. The adult lays the eggs and it is the eggs that you need to keep from hatching. Follow the directions on the product that you buy. Some you can spray the day before you harvest, some you need to wait 5 days to pick the fruit.
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