Perennial Grasses

While we try to carry all of the plants listed below, our selection is subject to availability.

ACORUS (Sweet Flag)



Full sun. Height 18". Great for moist areas. Grass-like leaves, edged with white. Resemble miniature tufts of Iris. Zone 6.


elatuis subsp. bulbosum

'Variegatum' (Tuber Oat Grass)

Full to part shade. Height 18". Heavily variegated fine grassy foliage. Each leaf has margins of bright white and rich blue-green striping that fun vertical through the center of the blade. Prefers moist soil. Zone 3.



'Variegatus' (Variegated Giant Reed Grass)

Full sun. Height 6-12'. Creamy-yellow and green striped folaige. Bamboo like screen. Drought tolerant. Zone 6.

CALAMAGROSTIS (Feather Reed Grass)


'Overdam' (Variegated Feather Reed Grass)

Full to part sun. Height 5'. Foliage starts out with birhgt yellow margins that fade to white with a pink flush. Sand colored flower heads. Nice clumping habit. Zone 3.

'Karl Foerster'

Full to part sun. Height 5'. Showy, feather plumes with striking, erect, wheat-colored seed heads. Upright habit. Blooms in early summer. 2001 P.P.A. plant of the year. Zone 3.

CAREX (Sedge)

buchananii (Red Curly Sedge)

Full sun. Height 24". Very narrow bronze-red blades. Striking foliage good in planters, borders, rock gardens, and in water gardens. Zone 5.


'Evergold' (Variegated Japanese Sedge)

Full shade to light shade. Height 12". Creamy-yellow blades with green margins. Zone 5.


latifolium (Northern Oat Grass)

Shade to part shade. Height 30-36". Upright clumps resemble a dwarf green bamboo. Prefers a rich moist soil. Arching stems hold dangling seed heads. Zone 5.

CORTADERIA (Pampas Grass)

May need mulching in our area for protection over the winter.

'Selloana Pink'

Full sun. Height 6-8'. Pink plumes in September/October. Zone 6.

'Selloana White'

Full sun. Height 6-8'. White plumes in September/October. Zone 6.

DESCHAMPSIA (Tufted Hair Grass)


'Bronze Veil'

Full sun. Height 36". A clumping grass. Flowers are golden-bronze brown. Zone 4.


glauca (Blue Lyme Grass)

Full sun. Height 2-3'. Aggressive spreader. Lovely metallic blue-gray blades. Zone 4.


ravennae (Plume Grass, Hardy Pampas Grass)

Full sun. Height 8-10'. Narrower flowers than Pampas Grass. Silvery-white flowers. Blooms August-September. Zone 5.

FESTUCA (Blue Fescue)


Full sun. Height 12". Silver-blue blades with brown seed heads in the summer. Hardy, low tufted grass. Zone 5.


'Aureola' (Golden Japanese Forest Grass)

Full shade to part shade. Height 6-18". Bright yellow-green variegated leaves. Zone 6.


sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass)

Full sun. Height 1-2'. Silvery-blue blades. Oat like seeds. Zone 5



'Red Baron' (Japanese Blood Grass)

Full sun. Height 18". Green blades at the base with red tips toward the top. Red will intensify late in the season. Zone 5

MISCANTHUS (Eulalia or Maiden Grass)



Full sun. Height 36". Fine textured silver-gray leaves. Flowers open a pinkish color turning white with age. Blooms late summer. Zone 5.

'Huron Sunrise'

Full sun. Height 4-6'. Silver midrib on foliage; very full and profuse burgundy flowers in mid-August. Zone 4.


Full sun. Height 5-7'. Silver blooms in fall and winter. Slender green leaves with a white stripe. Zone 5.

'Morning Light'

Full sun. Height 4'. Fine blades of green and white variegation. Flowers emerge bronzy-red in color and turn cream with age. Blooms early fall. Zone 5.

'Purpurascens' (Flame Grass)

Full sun. Foliage starts out green turning into a reddish color later in the summer. Magenta colored fans turn into bright silky white flowers. Blooms in July. Zone 5.

'Silberfeder' (Silver Feather Grass)

Full sun. Height 8'. Shimmering white flowers. Blooms in August. Zone 5.

'Strictus' (Procupine Grass)

Full sun. Height 5-7'. Yellow horizontal bands similar to Zebra Grass but with a more rigid, upright habit. Zone 5.

'Variegatus' (Striped Eulalia Grass)

Full sun. Height 4-6'. Clean green and white striped leaves. Flowers in August/September. Zone 6.

'Zebrinus' (Zebra Grass)

Full sun. Height 6-8'. Grass blades have a distinct yellow-gold horizontal band. Pink- copper flowers. Blooms in September. Zone 5.

PANICUM (Switch Grass)

'Dallas Blues'

Full sun to part sun. Height 6-8'. Pastel mauve flowers bloom in late summer. Good winter color.
Zone 4.

'Heavy Metal'

Full sun to part sun. Height 3-4'.Bright metallic-blue foliage all season, developing yellow and red fall hightlights. Blooms July-September. Zone 3.

'Prairie Sky'

Full sun. Height 5'. Great blue switch grass for drier climates. Foliage turns muted yellow in fall. Flowers in late summer with plumes of bluish panicles that open into an airy haze. Very upright form. Zone 4.


alopecuroides (Fountain Grass)

Full sun. Height 24-36". Gracefully arching blades. Rose-copper bottle brush like flowers. Blooms August/September. Zone 5.


'Karley Rose'

Full sun. Height 36". Deep green blades with smoky rose-purple flowers. Blooms in late summer. Is a long bloomer. Appears to be more winter hardy than others in species. Zone 6.


Full sun. Height 24". Very aggressive and a fast spreader. Green and white striped blades. Does well very in poor, dry soils and is also very moisture tolerant. Zone 3.

'Feesey's Form'

Full sun. Height 6-10". Variegated leaf blades of green and white flushed with pink. Spreads quickly. Can be used as an aquatic grass. Zone 4.


cernuus (Fiber Optic Grass)

Full to partial shade. Height 6-12". Dense habit with wire-like, translucent stems tipped with green buds in the spring and creamy-white flower clusters in summer that turn rusty brown as they age. Zone 6.